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Reflective practice groups

I offer facilitation services for reflective practice groups.


Reflective practice

I facilitate groups for teams which offer an opportunity, for you and your colleagues to come together, to discuss your experiences at work and think about them together. It’s a space to, reflect, observe, process, and learn from one another. It can be a supportive space for members to better understand, their decision making, team dynamics, and the emotional impact of the work they are engaged in. It has been shown to improve working relations and team communication.

I specialise in offering reflective practice to teams who work with clients with complex emotional needs; where teams are managing challenging situations and the resulting impact on professionals and team functioning. Though I would be happy to discuss requests from a wide range of organisations.

I am flexible in my approach and we can discuss the needs of your team/organisation when you make contact. It can be useful for us to reflect on; facilitation style (structured/unstructured discussion), who's attending, frequency,  and duration. 

Fees: Variable (depending on the resources of the organisation).

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